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Foldable Electric Scooter With A Seat Design

Item No:H200
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1, Enjoy freedom with your spiffy scooters
2, New generation of a foldable scooters
3, Best experience in your life
4, Ride with your style
5, For serious (Citywalk) scooters riders
6, Engineered for performance

Packaging includes:
1*mini scooter
1*user's manual
Low energy consumption
Good-quality, reasonable price
CE-, FCC, RoHS-, MSDS-, UN38.3-approved

Safety measures:
Tilting protection: 45° side-to-side on average (motor stalls when tilting over 45°)
Speed limit protection: activated at 12km/h (front part of pedal will rise to prevent further acceleration)
Low battery protection: activated on 15% power battery (front part of paddle will rise to decelerate will rise to decelerate till fully stop)
Power and error indication: LED power indicators (red when turned on, blinks when protection activated)
Battery power: LED power level indicators (four bars on when over 85%, off one by one as power level drops)
Alert sound: beep (beep when powered on, continual beep when power level is dangerously low)
Alert sound: long buzz (long buzz when tilting sideways)

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