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KOKMAX Outdoor Amazing Space Scooter By Feet

Item No:KMW2000L
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Ordinary scooters functions:
Riding with both hands horizontal and grasp the front direction. One foot placed in front of the pedal, the other foot on the rear of the pedal. Feet alternately forced stampede pedal, make the pedal moved like a seesaw, then the scooter will be driven forward. Riding should be to master the balance of the scooter, slow to accelerate.

1. Its body ethereal, beautiful and unique shape

2. Automatic folding transformation system, the world's patented product.

3. Green energy, carrying convenience

4. Suitable for ages 6 and older ages, family fun fitness.

5. Short-range means of transport, is a irreplaceable fitness equipment in the outing, holiday entertainment sports

6. Exercise the body's coordination, balance and control ability.

7. Easy disassembly and easy to carry, the ultimate lightweight and space occupies.

8. A dual-purpose vehicles, Valuable entertainment recreational sports tools.

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